Paralegal Services

VAP Services, LLC offers lawyers nationwide an alternative to paying large employee overhead fees.  Our paralegals specialize in civil law, criminal law, personal injury law, medical malpractice, and several other areas.  Lawyers are not only litigators for their clients, but employers for their in-house staff.  Attorneys understand the cost of overhead to hire a professional, competent office staff. The base wages are only part of the cost, employee benefits are the biggest cash drains of a law firm, and can easily drain a firm’s bank account.

VAP Services offers virtual paralegal services to law firms throughout the nation.  Regardless of a law firms physical location, VAP Services will save them thousands in annual office staff and potential liability expenses, even if only for one paralegal. 

legal writerEngaging VAP Services, nationwide law firms eliminate the following expenses: 

Federal and state payroll taxes; FICA; medical and life insurance benefits; personal, sick and vacation pay; parking; professional accounting and legal software expenses; tuition; retirement benefits; ongoing legal training; office equipment; and rental office space.

VAP Services, LLC paralegals provide their own professional accounting and legal software, including Abacus Law, QuickBooks, LexisNexis and Westlaw.  In the event a law firm currently utilizes another accounting or legal software, we will continue using their software preference and provide full training if necessary to the paralegal.  All medical insurance, tuition reimbursement, annual training expenses, and other benefits are provided by VAP Services.

VAP Services offers the following virtual paralegal services to law firms and solo attorneys nationwide:

  • Legal Document Preparation (State & Federal Courts)       
  • Summarize Depositions                                                       
  • Draft Legal Pleadings (State & Federal Courts)           
  • Legal Research/Case Law Research                               
  • Case Review and Analysis                                   
  • Intellectual Property Research                                            
  • Draft Pleadings & PDF                                                         
  • Legal Press Release, Article, Blog Writing                                        
  • Litigation Support
  • Legal Website & SEO Marketing Management                              
  • Agreement, Contract, Disclaimer & Policy Creation                                                
  • Legal Form Template Drafting

 “VAP Services is a full service legal marketing network providing legal web marketing, web content management, and executive paralegal services to law firms nationwide.”

Phone :  1-203-519-0599

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