Law Firm Marketing

VAP Services will provide your firm with a legal marketing specialist.  Our specialists are legal professionals who understand a law firms needs more than an average marketing analyst.  Legal marketing specialists have extensive content writing skills in various areas of the law; thus, ensuring a one stop location for any practicing attorney. 

VAP Services customizes a marketing plan to reach your target demographic area.  We pursue tasks to generate leads in the practice areas you request such as: Bankruptcy, Civil Law, Family Law, Divorce Law, Criminal Defense, DUI, Estate Law, Real Estate, Elder Care, Probate, Social Security and Personal Injury.  VAP Services works with you to ensure you receive the right amount of web traffic to fit your budget, whether that’s a few leads a month or a few thousand.

Legal Marketing Services Provided to Law Firms and Solo Practicing Attorneys

  • Content Optimization
  • Keyword Research Selection
  • Website Coding
  • Tracking Results from Law Firm Marketing Campaign
  • Legal News Articles & Blogs
  • Legal Press Releases
  • Tracking Traffic Results

VAP Services specializes in law firm marketing because legal professionals need marketing services that fully comprehend the needs of the legal industry.  Building a legal website is only the first part of the journey.  A law firm needs relevant and accurate legal web content which is essential for establishing a strong online presence.  This technique is extremely different from building web content for other types of services, which do not have standards and rules as strict as the legal industry.  Hiring non-legal professionals or foreigners to write web content or to promote your legal web marketing, is a mistake that no firm should ever make. 

VAP Services knows image, professionalism, and credibility of every attorney and their law firm is crucial if they want to maintain a positive reputation online.  In addition, perception and trust are key components to remember when potential online clients make the first contact with a firm or solo attorney regarding legal representation.  If a potential client can not find any information about an attorney or firm while conducting a Google search, it can be just as bad as having a negative reputation.

What if I only require Personal Injury clients in one local area?

I am tired of receiving leads from all over the country, can you help stop this?

VAP Services builds legal web content tailored to convey all of the above, in addition to being highly visible to clients seeking your services on major internet search engines.  Having a basic website is not enough; it also needs to stand out above the competition. 

VAP Services accomplishes by creating or improving your current website design, content,and most importantly visibility.  During your interview with one of our legal marketing professionals we will require you to provide us with a geographical radius of where you practice law and desire to obtain more clients. 

Internet legal marketing has become more sophisticated over the years.  Now SEO experts target areas down to the exact zip code in an effort to prevent unwarranted contacts being made.  This element of our legal marketing is essential since most law firms only practice law in their specific county or state.

 “VAP Services is a full service legal marketing network providing legal web marketing, web content management, and executive paralegal services to law firms nationwide.”