Do I Need To Hire A Marketing Specialist?

Q. What are SEO services?

A. SEO Stands for search engine optimization which simply means ranking a website higher in search engine results with specific keywords and phrases.

Website optimization includes many factors which lead to better ranking on Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc…  Our techs will submit your website URL to thousands of search engines to be seen by a geographical location you choose.  A few of the most important SEO techniques are: page optimization, meta data insertion, keyword insertion, link building, directories, forum, article, social bookmarking postings and more.

Q. What does Organic SEO mean?

A. Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way of optimizing a website to achieve natural search engine rankings with one or more key phrases. Organic SEO rankings are displayed on the left hand side of Google search result pages.

Q. Who should use SEO Services?

A. SEO is for anyone who wants to advertise online (local, national or global), including:

  • Home Businesses
  • Online Businesses
  • Small Local Businesses
  • Start-ups
  • Corporations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • e-Commerce
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • MLMs M

Q. What is a Keyword?team

A. Keywords are specific terms which define your business or service offered. Keywords are used to connect the website with potential clients searching for those specific terms within the search engines.  Then the search engine connects your website with the client searching, bringing your website to the top pages shown in the search results.

Q. How do you choose the Keywords?

A. Our SEO techs are skilled in knowing which keywords to use by running a keyword research report monthly.  This will target your new clients and invite more traffic to your website. We use multiple keyword research tools such as Google Adwords to run reports.

Q. What is a Keyword Theme?

A. Keyword themes are nothing more than combining two keywords together.  For example. “SEO” is a keyword we use for VAP Services marketing.  However, “SEO Marketing”  or “Law Firm Marketing” would be considered a keyword theme. 

Q. Do I get a Keyword Report?

A. VAP Services sends each client a monthly report by email or weekly upon request.

Q. What is guaranteed in SEO services?

A. VAP Services offers guaranteed SEO services with a 100% money back policy so that clients have confidence in our services and trust us.  We offer decades of legal experience and marketing expertise to our clients so rest assured we have never had to provide anyone with a full refund. 

Q. Why is VAP Services better than others?

A. We provide:

  • Competitive pricing.
  • 100% money back guarantee on SEO Rankings.
  • Over 1,000 websites successfully optimized.
  • A virtual team of experienced SEO experts, Adword professionals, link builders, project managers and executives.

Q. How do the Search Engines rank sites?

17mppqpfijoaxjpgA. The simple answer is that the search engines attempt to list the results starting with the most authoritative, relevant websites for the search. However, you must take into account hundreds of variables on millions of web pages and returning the results in fractions of a second. Search engines take into consideration the web content, depth of the domain content, meta-tags, titles, age of the site, number and nature of in-bound links, frequency of updates to the site, and dozens of other factors. As a result, SEM is complex and only specialist trained in this area can achieve top results. 

Q. I have a dynamically driven website; what does this mean for me?

A. There is nothing wrong from an SEO perspective of having a driven website. However, it’s important not to forget the URL structure, meta-tags and content must be as search engine “friendly” as possible, so that individual pages can be easily indexed by the search engines. 

VAP Services can assist with reprogramming your web pages to be search engine “friendly” which is a done through our SEO campaigns.

Q. So what happens after I sign up with VAP Services?

A. Our marketing specialist will have a brief consultation with you and together analyze your current website or new website request.  Then create a customized SEO campaign to meet your needs. Within the 24 hours they will be right at work getting your site ranked. You will have ongoing communication via phone, email, and monthly reports of the marketing activities.

“VAP Services is a full service legal marketing network providing legal web marketing, web content management, and executive paralegal services to law firms nationwide.”

Phone :  1-203-519-0599

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