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VAP Services, LLC

VAP Services, LLC offers legal website consulting and virtual legal marketing management to lawyers and law firms.  Here are some tips for any attorney looking to begin a new career in the virtual law market.

In this disastrous economy, more and more attorneys are going solo.  Some are recent graduates while others have 10 + years of legal experience at large firms but looking for a change.  Starting a solo law practice or leaving a comfortable position at a firm doesn’t need to be scary or expensive.  Running a virtual law practice can cost less then $249 per month depending on the type of legal services provided.

Regardless of your business experience, outside of being a lawyer, here are some basic business tips to get things moving.


Recent studies have indicated that consumers are increasingly likely to search for goods and services online.  Even if they decide to make purchases in a physical store, 75% of customers will already have looked you up online.  The good news is that creating a catchy website is not as expensive as you think. 

VAP Services now offers legal web packages for as low as $199 to get your virtual law firm started.

If you are willing to invest some money into your site, hiring a legal IT professional to design and maintain your site is worth it.  Our team of legal professionals and former attorneys know what you and your clients are looking for in a website.  They assist our legal writing team and together formulate a legal website that will be accurate, up-to-date law, and written in layman terms so the average client doesn’t feel overwhelmed. 

Allowing VAP Services to create your new attorney website will allow us to lock you into low annual maintenance fees.  All attorney websites created by VAP Services are offered a separate maintenance schedule to keep their site top ranking on Goggle, Yahoo, Bing, etc… and you save 25% on all future blog writings too!

Experience in the legal field, web design and SEO services are important considerations; however, an appealing site built to your satisfaction is important to us.  Once your new law firm website is completed, VAP Services will provide you a chance to review and consult with your legal web designer on any editing needs, FREE of charge.  Too many web companies today are charging for editing of their work and we feel it should be part of the entire package.  Additionally, once your site is up and running, spend some time viewing your website through a multi-browser lens to make sure everything looks correct—not every potential client uses Chrome or Safari.  At VAP Services, client satisfaction is our top priority!


Ideally, if necessary share office space with experienced senior attorneys working in a similar practice area.  If you cannot find attorneys with similar practices, then consider offering consultations out of your home office.  Another idea that most cities offer in our weak economy are low costing daily, weekly, or hourly rental law office or conference room rates.  In this economy, many businesses have gone under or gone viral and so you should be able to shop around for a space and find one that is best suited for what you need.

Attorneys considering only working virtually may be concerned about not having a senior attorney to consult with across the hall or even in the same office?  VAP Services completely understands this valid concern and can assist you with all the virtual meeting and video chat methods; making you feel as if their in the same office.  Furthermore, you will receive in your web package a comprehensive list of legal researching services all FREE of charge!  Included in that legal web package will be a coupon to try our virtual paralegal services FREE of charge for the first 4 hours!


In the past, most attorneys would receive a large portion of their business in referrals from other attorneys.  In our tech savvy world of cloud computing, this has changed dramatically.  Referrals from former clients and colleagues will never stop, but it will no longer be the largest portion of your business.  If a lawyer doesn’t have a positive reputation virtually and at least one legal website and blog, they are losing money. 

VAP Services knows that attorneys do not have the time, nor do they want to spend hours on social media websites to blog and market their firm.  Therefore, our legal SEO specialists will be able to ensure your virtual reputation is positive and vast.  Remember not only your virtual legal reputation is important, but also any personal social media profiles that will reflect your overall reputation.  If you needed an excuse to reconnect with old friends or professors, this is it.  Many times they will refer you to someone who can potentially refer cases down the road.  Providing your legal SEO consultant with a list of emails, names, phone numbers, etc… of your contacts is important.

When an attorney is out in the public meeting clients or attending a hearing at court, suggest a stranger next to you a coffee or offer to grab a senior attorney you just meet a drink during a cheap happy hour.  More then likely that stranger will ask you for a business card, and the senior lawyer will never forget you.  The point is to spread the word and get the buzz going offline too.  It might send you clients the next day or it may take some time, but it will pay off.  Whoever you talk to, be sure to tell them what types of cases you want, making it even easier for them to refer the right cases.

VAP Services guarantees all services including top page rankings!


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  2. Gobsmacked! I’m really startled that this keeps going on in this day and age. I was happy in the fact I was not running. The Owners have asked what will happen now?! I will keep track of what is happening .
    Gobsmacked! I’m really startled that this keeps going on in this day and age. I was happy in the fact I was not running. The Owners have asked what will happen now?! I will keep track of what is happening .

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