Attorneys Looking For New Clients?

Do you need more web traffic & new clients sent your way? 

VAP Services is your Answer!

Huge amounts of money are being made and lost on the Internet.  If web based companies do not utilize all of the marketing and SEO services available, they loss money.  Which is why knowing the basics to apply to your web content writings and web marketing campaigns is vital to your success! 

The best place to start earning that lost money back is writing powerful “attention” grabbing headlines.  This may sound “basic” to you, however research shows often writers focus more on the content written and tend to forget the importance of the headline title.  It can come from an online ad, a forum post, a press release, banners and emails – and many others.

How do you know how to create an attention grabbing headline?

Here’s what you must know…

The top copywriters in the world have made millions for their clients and themselves of course…  But, they started with the basics, and they still stick with that simple concept along with: research and target dissection.  Then, they use formulas and skills.  They truly understand the marketing mission and who their trying to connect with.

Simple, but not easy…

Here are key things to consider when writing headlines for your outbound marketing campaigns:

  1. Headlines need to stand out, stand on their own (research your market) 
  2. Headline swipe files get old – work your own instead (don’t just copy existing)
  3. Create headlines that promise relevance and results to the reader’s lives (hopes, dreams)
  4. Add excitement & entertainment – try to mix both number 3 + number 4
  5. Make use of simple effective formulas like AIDAS (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, Satisfaction)
  6. Try testing relevant trigger words such as: lust, mystique, alarm, prestige, power, vice, trust
  7. Use adjectives in the headline: surprising, shocking, career-ending, explode, gut-wrenching…

You may be writing perfectionist with a Fine Arts Degree, but don’t let that distort you.  Use formulas that work, and as you see, they often go against “conventional” learning.

Finally, deliver on your promise in your headline, and make sure to include paramount headlines.  This will help drive traffic and keep eyes gluedto your online assets.  In Social media marketing, headline writing is a game changer.  In SEO, make sure to include keywords, but not always for the “keywords” sake.  Think about the user, and draw attention in a way described above. 

The above is what VAP Services, LLC has used to formulate an effective system that will get your website noticed.  Working one-on-one with our clients is a huge advantage over the overextended SEO services that perhaps may send one email after taking your money. 

VAP Services, LLC delivers and offers their work guaranteed, with FREE editing on all services.


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